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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Growing Ferns Can Be Easy

Gardening from Gracious Cottage:
Ferns...For years I couldn't grow them but I guess I finally got the conditions optimal, and have a system figured out. The ferns are by the back door in an area that has some shade and protection from the heat. The fern in the first photo, I have had for years, I just clip it down when it starts to get brown & leggy. I water it daily but not on the leaves. It goes and goes. The other one (more unusual) I got at the Carlsbad Street Fair a couple of years ago. I don't clip it but it responds in like manner. I put in fertilizer sticks a few times a year. The greenery softens the back landing & they are good greeters every time you go in and out. Before Ferns were difficult, now they are easy. (click to enlarge photos)

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