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Monday, July 5, 2010

the Cottage Table

Still staying with the Lily of the Valley theme, I made a couple of changes to the table setting or table scape.  I added cups & saucers from the 1940’s (or could be 1930’s)—Royal Heidelberg.  The pattern is Lilly; this was my mother’s name—spelled the same way.  I originally bought a partial set at a thrift store & later bought some off of ebay.  When I got them I learned they were a little newer but didn’t care as I just wanted to add to the set.  I also added the green Lily of the Valley water glasses.  I envision them being ‘gift with purchase’ like in a box of soap in the 1940’s but not sure of their origin. I got them at an antique store years ago.  I added the gold mirror under the pitcher (May Co 69 cents). The French Roses, I picked from my garden & added to the vase.  Your comments and questions are welcome. (click to enlarge photo)



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