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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Little Garden Spot

I started with the bench from Craigs List ($60) metal but not too heavy that it can't be easily carried.  The yellow flower also metal came from Ross.  Friends who do estate sales gave me the pedestal.  The mosaic is crumbly in some parts but it adds to the cottage charm.  On the front it says "wonder." I added my thrift market angel to "watch over" everything.  Then I found the very large hp platter (painted for Williams Sonoma) at a charity thrift store.  It was only $2 because it has a big crack across the front.  I knew I needed to rescue it and recycle it or upcyle it as the term goes. It is elevated in the garden spot. I like to move stuff around my yard so I put the bunny & squirrel next to each other on the bench.  The solar lights are from the dollar store.  The two stepping stones came from one of the Dakotas bearing a nice sentiment (via ebay) in memory of my cat Wojo & dog Chelsea.  More on the plants as they develop or get planted.  :)

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