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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maple Sugar Cookies Made & Tested

Well, I made the cookies recipe last night. So far I am the only tester but I will take them to work & get some other opinions. My thoughts so far: They 'ran' when they baked so they are very flat. I did some sprinkles on top but no sugar. Due to the butter, they do melt in your mouth. I think the spice flavor is mild; and I may need to get a fresh bottle of maple flavoring. I will report more findings after work.
Co-worker results: People loved this cookie. (I am a bit surprised.) Everybody had 3, 4, or 5 cookies each. The main spice people could taste was ginger, next cinnamon & then just general spices. No one tasted maple--I will replace my maple flavoring.
Personally, most of my baking recipes are 1950's or older regardless of the source and have less fat. So the cup of butter, to me, was a lot for the size of the batch. I know my family chocolate chip cookie recipe has about 1/3 of the fat as Mrs. Field's cookies. So many things today have been super sized. Do I think butter will make anything taste good? Pretty much.
Will I make them again? Absolutely because people liked them & ate them & that is what it is all about. I love to share my baking & cooking.
Now it is your turn...

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