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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Table Close Ups

Maybe I should start over with each holiday (and sometimes, I do) but right now I am keeping the same tablecloths. Just "shopping" my own home & cupboards for what I can add. I like risers and display items. A finishing touch is flowers from the garden. My favorite is vintage but items of different ages work if they have something in common.
For music, I would add soft piano instrumental music. For a menu, Strata for a late breakfast or brunch and Ambrosia in a footed glass. Cucumber water. Coffee & Tea. Let your creative imagination go...

1 comment:

Flaviana said...

Dear Monah
thank you for your kind words and for your visit !
I love your blog too, it's so colorful and bright and makes me happy!The Easter table settings are lovely,you gave me some nice ideas!Can I follow you?!
P.S.The pic of your Chelsea brings tears to my eyes..i had a pet looking exactly the same.she was called Diana and lived with me 19 years!
Kisses, Flaviana