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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mary Lou Heard Rose

Mary Lou Heard is locally famous in southern California for being a master gardener.  She ran Heard’s Nursery for years; and we have a local garden tour each spring in her honor & her name.  I got this rose when it came out (maybe going on 10 years ago).  It waxes and wanes.  Sometimes, it looks diseased & I cut it back regardless of the month—which is what I did recently.  Then it grows & blooms like it is now.  The roses are English style and the color is more magenta than it looks on my photos.  I have them on my cottage table.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone who has this rose, and what your experience has been.

MLHeardRose0610 MLHeardRose0610 (1) MLHeardRose0610 (2) MLHeardRose0610 (3) MLHeardRose0610 (4) MLHeardRose0610 (5)

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