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Monday, September 27, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday: The Cats

Trevor, top, is flat on his back on the floor.   Izzy, below, is also on the floor under a chair.  Temps Sunday were about 106 on my thermometer.  "We don't need A/C because we live close to the beach."  A local expression that doesn't hold true on days like this...

Both are rescue cats.  Trevor's mother was a feral calico.  A nice lady was able to retrieve and adopt out three of the kittens. Izzy's mother got out one time and was "wayward".  Seven kittens later, they all ended up in a pantry at a woman's house who does rescue.


Dawn said...

I've always found animals so entertaining. Your two look like they're just waiting to get into some mischief. That was so funny what you said about the other one being part Rottweiler.

Enjoyed seeing all you have for sale, some really nice things there. I'm trying to cut back on all the things in my home but there are a few that are calling my name...I might have to come back for them!

Annie said...

Sound like you are having some incredibly hot weather, it's wet and cold here in the uk. Your cats are really sweet, my husband is called Trevor and my daughter is Izzie so it made me smile when I read about your cats.
Ann x