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Monday, October 11, 2010

Gracious Cottage UPDATE

I have my new computer, and my computer guy is coming to install it this evening.  So I should be blogging again soon.  You know what?  At first, I was so lost but then it was kind of nice not having a computer at home.  I actually had a life without it.

But I will be happy to return to Gracious Cottage Blog and Gracious Cottage Website.
Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoyed your vacation too...monah


Anonymous said...

WHAT???? A life with no computer... you jest! Hehhe... funny how we actually can live without them isn't it? Best of luck to you getting it all set up. Hugs. Tammy

Kim said...

I was in your position early last Summer Monah and was without a computer for close to a week before I got a new one. It was torture not being able to blog, Facebook or even check my personal Emails and I often found myself wondering how in the world I ever managed without one. Once you have access to the world via the internet, it sure is hard to give it up for any length of time.

paperbutterfly said...

Glad you are back!
Look forward to seeing you at the tea table.
Have a wonderful week.