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Monday, October 24, 2011

Instant Collections

Instant Collections have recently caught my attention thanks to shop owner of Rustic and Refined, Long Beach, CA.  From my research, these are more popular on Etsy than ebay which makes sense since the sites each have their own focus and culture.  I continued to search the web and found other sites selling or featuring instant collections.  One blogger told about how she and her husband received an instant collection wedding gift and it brought tears to their eyes--the best gift ever.  It was enamelware each with a unique design.  I think there were about six pieces.  It has given me new perspective.

When I took an antique class some years ago, the instructor always talked about instant family.  She said people would buy a number of old black & white photographs for their home. Some were framed in glass frames and some in the old cardboard frames or even unframed; and then display them many times in a grouping for Instant Family

Instant Collections could be practically anything; and the numbers can vary.  Most collections are put together over time or sometimes, passed down from friend or family member.  For treasure hunters and of course, collectors, a lot of the fun is in the one-at-a-time search.  When I look around at the current world, I find Rachel Ray recipes, Fresh & Easy (my new favorite store) has more & more food with quick preparation time, I am a from scratch cook but I find I like the Steamers in the frozen section...  I could site many examples but I see it as a way to balance quality and quantity.  How much time do we have to shop, make dinner, entertain, decorate and collect?

If you collect, part of the fun is displaying our collection so others can see them too.  Take a owl collection, one little owl on a shelf or in a display cabinet can get lost but a grouping gets your attention and takes on an importance.  This is true for home or shop.

I would like to hear from you.  What is your opinion on Instant Collections?   Any interesting stories or even a photo that I could share on my blog would be appreciated.

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