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Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring: A Time to Freshen Up Your Home AND Happy Mother's Day

It must be Spring across the country since we are in early May... 

Hello from Long Beach, CA.  (I am originally from Eau Claire, WI)

I am leaning more and more toward mismatches.  I guess I have always had that decorating style but now with all the mismatched vintage weddings, I am really aware of it.  It is new or new again to me!  I peruse the web for examples and inspiration.

I was thinking about putting two rugs together in my living room to make one bigger rug.  Both rugs are floral and in the green tones, but thought can I do that?  Sure enough somewhere on the web I saw a photo of how someone had done that successfully.  It looked great!  So it goes way beyond dishes.  Speaking of a different twist on dishes, I also saw a blog where a gal had mixed all her 70's dishes.  It wasn't just the usual mix of floral, romantic dishes that we usually see.

Something in your mismatch needs to connect the pair or group.  Print, design, color, texture, era...Ask a like minded friend if you have made a connection.

I want to include more of that style in my Gracious Cottage shops.  Both on my website and in my Etsy shop.  On Etsy, I like to sell Instant Collections or groupings.  So I am adding mismatch to my adjectives along with...Romantic, floral, pastel, natural fibers, sweet, shabby and chic, porch and garden a touch of French and you always find animals in my cottage.

Please visit me.  Your comments are welcome.  I would luv examples of what you have 'put together' in your home.  Please send me a couple of photos so I can feature them on my blog or website.



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1 comment:

LV said...

Beautiful pink ideas. I really like your blog design as well. The verification was almost my name.