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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just for the Sake of Being Pretty

I found this pretty hanging pillow not too long ago.  It probably originally was a potpourri hanger.  Is it just me or have you noticed that nothing ages quite so well as the color purple (lavender)?!  Especially in certain fabrics.  This is true with this hanging pillow.  Actually, all of the embellishments and cording have that nice "patina" in common.  I would hang this up and look at it just admiring how pretty it is.  Or it could be used by a seamstress as a pin cushion or it would make a nice display piece for pins and brooches.  This reminds me too of something I would see in an antique store as a display piece.  And I would want to buy it.  Only to be told--NFS.

If you want to see it and find out more.  It is my most recent item added to Etsy.

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