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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How do you do a mismatched luncheon?

A friend is having a ladies group over to her house for a luncheon--kind of buffet style.  She has time to plan & prepare since it isn't until later in the year.  She asked me how do I do mismatched dishes?  I said do you mean how do you "match" mismatched dishes? Basically, this is what she was asking.

My advise is to have a theme in mind such as floral, pastel, English bone china, even solid colors etc.  Color or pattern are good way to unite.  Don't over think it...just buy what you like.

Since the luncheon is serve yourself.  My suggestion is to group the like items: cups on a tray, stack the saucers, luncheon plates, dessert plates in their group and you can even have mismatched water/tea glasses if you like on a tray.  See what your guests choose and put together for their place setting. 

The tables should have a tablecloth & centerpiece that relates to your mismatched dishes. Don't be shy to add some embellishments. When choosing a theme, give your luncheon a name and post a menu for all too see.

Pinterest is a good source of inspiration and ideas.  As well as many of the blogs online.

Have fun.  If you do a tea or luncheon and want to share, send me a photo.  I will post on my blog as an inspiration to other readers.
Mismatched Dessert Plates.  Pink unites them as well as the flowers,

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