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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Recycle Repurpose Project ~~ Display Sign & Story Board ~~ easy skill

Recycle Repurpose Project  ~~  Display Sign & Story Board  ~~ easy skill level, and I might add economical.  Skill level probably about 4th grade maybe 3rd grade.  Cost of each project under $5.00.  I am going to use these in my office studio and as display in my booth at the local antique mall.

Project 1, Display Sign:  Love My Shoes

I bought the wicker frame at a thrift store yesterday $2.00.  Spiffed it up meaning wiped it off.  I added paper on the cardboard inside.  I already had the shoe stickers $1.00 from the Dollar Tree.  I stuck them on.  I don't measure, I eyeball.  Fast, easy, simple.  I will hang that in my vintage booth where I sell vintage inspired clothing & vintage accessories.

 Project 2, Story Board:  Collar & Gloves Display -- vintage

I saw this idea in a store.  I bought the bulletin board at the same thrift store yesterday $2.00.  I used my Benjamin Moore paint sample (already on hand) & sponge painted the outside edges green.  I used part of the roll of vintage drawer liner that I had bought recently at another thrift store $1.00.  I thumb tacked it on.  For the fabric, I just used pins to hold them in place.  The collars and gloves are vintage and I have had them for years some of them from my Mom.  I think a vintage hanky display would look nice too. This is in my studio for now but will probably end up in my vintage booth at the mall.

For me, I do not live in a formal world where things are perfect or near perfect.  I live in an informal cottage world where part of the charm is imperfections.  At least in my opinion.  And also, I am not an exact type person when it comes to these type projects.  So feel free to use these project ideas & make them better.


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